INDOOR DECOR - compliment your Company Showroom, Office, Restaurant, Bar, Club, Home Theatre, Man Cave or Game Room.

Stand out from the crowd with an impressive
3-D CAR SHOW SIGN board.

Custom made with your vehicle information !



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Check out the amazing Batcave home theatre by Chris Weir !
The grandfather clock secret door and Batman marquee over the big screen fabricated by THING 3-D


Custom made with your vehicle specs and story.
Enhance your vehicles image !

Email me your vehicle info for your CUSTOM CAR SHOW SIGN and I will email you
back with pricing options.
Any size and shape is possible.
Send me the make / model of your car and I will email example pictures of similar Car Show Signs to give you more ideas of what can be done for your personalized Car Show sign / board.
Many colors to choose from including satin black, mirror chrome, gold mirror chrome, color chromes, metalflake silver and gold !
3-D layered, high gloss acrylic plastic CAR SHOW signs.
The perfect compliment to your car !!
Display alongside your ride at CAR SHOWS and events !
Hangers attached to the back for easy display when the car is home.
Hangers are attached to the back for easy display. in garage showroom, MaN cAVe, office,
Home Theatre or Restaurant, Business establishment, etc.
  All forms of payment - Paypal, credit cards and checks.

Please email any questions to

I set up the artwork and email to you for your approval / changes before your sign is made.

Your ideas or ours - Custom made for you !
Home Theatre  - MaN cAVe - Office - Restaurant - Business - Home

Breaking Bad Pop ART - 12 inches tall - $65 / free shipping within the US
credit cards - Paypal - money orders
714 510-0911714 510-0911

2014 National Roadster Show - Pomona, California
Kustom Skool Bus Wagon by Sergio - Henry's Upholstery - La Habra, CA

Restaurant - Bar - Night Club - Man Cave

Highly unique eye catching decor / artwork signs for your establishment -
Set your self apart with a 3D thing from THING 3D !

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